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Like playing tricks on your friends and family!? Of course you do...we all do! This is a birthday card with a twist. Simply place the card on the vehicle windscreen, or under the strap of the motorcycle seat, and wait for their reaction! Your friend will always remember the day they thought they had received a parking ticket on their birthday... The card opens with the loud voice of an African parking attendant greeting you a Happy Birthday. Just be sure to expect revenge one day!


     Parking ticket birthday card  

 Chealsea Birthday Card

Arsenal Birthday card 

 Man United Birthday Card 

 Millwall Birthday Card

                     Birthday Card

Jogging Birthday Card 

                           Karaoke King card 

                 Happy Birthday Day 

                     New born boy card 

                       karaoke Queen card 

Pass driving test girl card 

 Pass driving test boy card 

                 Football boots card 

Happy Anniversary card 

I appreciate you card  

3 Blind Mice Birthday Card

England Birthday Card 

                  New born girl card 

My little Angel card

Birthday card